Friday, February 20, 2009

Bishop Williamson Ejected from Argentina

The government of Argentina has ejected Bishop Williamson from the country. The officials gave two reason: his denial and his having lied as to why he came to the country.

I think Williamson is a low life. That should be clear to any, even casual, reader of this blog.

However, I am not so sure he should be ejected for his denial.

My prediction: Williamson will be depicted as a victim and a martyr for free speech.

I don't think he is either but this actions gives him the cover to do so.



Deported would be a better word.

hockey hound said...

I read today in Canada's National Post that Williamson has been ordered to leave Argentina, being given a specific number of days to do so. Yeah, I would call that "deported". Perhaps he would feel more at home in Iran, or maybe Dubai.


Legally speaking is not deportation.