Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Voice of America Speaks to Three Jews and Declares a Trend

The Voice of America has a strange article on its website. Entitled "World Jewish Leaders Praise Argentina's Decision to Expel Holocaust-Denying Bishop," it quotes precisely 3 leaders of Jewish organizations and declares a vast trend.

Is this the result of lazy reporting or an assumption that if 3 leaders of Jewish organizations think this is a good thing then all Jews agree? Case in point:
I don't necessarily agree

Has the reporter never heard: "3 Jews,6 opinions"?

It should be noted that Argentina's government says that he was expelled because he did not inform the government of the true reason for his presence in the country and not because of his denial.

It should be noted that he is a visitor in the country so the country has the right to expel him.

Whether it is something Jews -- leaders or otherwise -- should be celebrating is another question.

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StGuyFawkes said...

I acknowledge all your concerns about this article.

The New York Times covers every Catholic issue with a mandatory quote from Thomas Reese S.J. Then they round out the story with a quote from Richard McBrian. Then to show depth they go to novelist Mary Gordon and pro-Choice advocate Frances Kissling.

It's a journalistic formula. Every story gets covered with quotes from two liberal Catholics, and two former Catholics. And it's often the same four people.

The fake unity of opinion story is an old journalistic schtick.

Having said that the World Jewish Congress is a pretty big player is it not? Or am I wrong?

At least your journalist took the time to get a quote from somebody that mattered in Jewish circles.

There are no Catholic who give a sneeze over what Mary Gordon or Fr. McBrien thinks.