Friday, February 27, 2009

Vatican Not Satisfied With [Fooled by] Williamson's Pseudo- Apology

Apparently even the Vatican was not satisfied with Williamson's "if I hurt you by saying what the evidence showed, I am sorry" apology.

The question is: Did Williamson think we were all stupid and would be hoodwinked by his so-called apology?

And who drafted it for him David Irving? Lady Renouf?

This guy is the gift that keeps on giving.... Though, truth be told, I would be happy to never hear of him again.

And -- to those who have asked -- he has never answered my email....

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StGuyFawkes said...

The AP story picked up by the Jerusalem Post states,

"...the apology....was not good enough to admit him into the Catholic Church as a clergyman, the Vatican said Friday."


The original Vatican statement was that unless he recanted he could not function as a BISHOP.

What's above says he won't be allowed to function even as a PRIEST.

Is the Vatican drawing the line even deeper in the sand?

Are they saying they are going to "laicize" him?