Monday, February 9, 2009

Williamson Begins to Look for a Graceful Exit

In an interview with Der Spiegel, Williamson is beginning to try to find a graceful exit.

The problem is that he presents himself as having been "convinced" by the documentation he read in the 1990s. Anyone who would have encountered such stuff and was not anxious to climb aboard the denial bandwagon who have said: "Whoa, I better check these guys out" rather than jumping on their bandwagon whole hog.

Actually, if the SSPX did not have Williamson they would have to invent him. He has taken the spotlight off of their very particularistic views.



Surely the Vatican keep written records of why people like Williamson have been excommuncated and when someone in his position applies for reinstatement the first thing you would expect them to do 'is to check the file on him / or her in order to see why they were excommunicated in the first place', then if it appears he / her will be reinstated you'd expect the Vatican to obtain written assurances that the person concerned as abandoned his former extreme views or unchristian behaviour. The 3 other bishops involved with Willamson must have listened to his racist views, since they did not challenge him or distance themselves from him, then - that being so all four should be excommunicated again and refused leave to appeal this decision.

Diogo said...

What if he's right?


Dr. Lipstadt:

1) What do you think about the book "Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers." from Jean Claude Pressac?

2) It´s easy to find noxious views on christians or muslims in some orthodox Jews. What do you think abou them?

Thank you,


hockey hound said...

"It´s easy to find noxious views on christians or muslims in some orthodox Jews."

Hell, I have noxioius views on Christians or Muslims.

Do you think Orthodox Jews are unique for hating those religious who have caused them so much harm and suffering? Both the New Testament and the Koran overflow with anti-Jewish rhetoric, and they should express pleasance because of this? What did you expect Orthodox Jews to say about those religious who have for milennia denigrated (and deprived them of) their Israel, their Torah/Tanach, and their Judaism?

Orthodox Jews are a shining example of forgiveness and patience. You apparently have no idea of how much, probably because you cannot imagine the horrible offenses they have forgiven the world. So what that some have not forgiven? That's unusual? That's judicial, in my opinion.

Why should anyone, be they Orthodox Jew or Gentile, forgive, or make consessions to, those who have promised or sworn to commit the same offense again and again, no matter what concessions, no matter the measure of forgiveness? "A prudent man looks well to his going."

I remember Rabbi Tovia Singer (whom I told long ago that he would one day be famous) once being asked, during one of his lectures, by a Christian if he, as a Christian, would be respected at a Jewish Synagogue were he to attend the service. Rabbi Singer laughed loudly and in his Jakie Mason style replied, "Hey, they don't even respect me, why should they respect you!"

"With the utmost hatred, I hate them; they have become enemies unto me." -Psalms 139:22


Interesting is how when one’s own group has elements that act inappropriately, they are often minimized as a fringe element not representative of the greater whole, yet when “the other’s” group has elements that act inappropriatley, that entire group is demonized.

stephenhow said...

I doubt that Bishop Williamson is intentionally malicious in his willingness to believe conspiracy theories like the 9/11 Truth Movement, or that there were no gassings at Auschwitz. His voice indicates that he actually believes he's right, and that everyone else is wrong. He'd love to convince you, if you have the time. Seems like he fell for the revisionist theories that everyone is lying, and every improbable required counter-factual is true. People that want to believe in exceptional theories will always find a way to dismiss the actual facts.

When I first heard about holocaust revisionism, and read the arguments, I wondered myself. The web is flooded more with pseudo-scholarly denial theories than good counter-arguments. I had to prove to myself that the revisionists were wrong. I had to come up with my own counter-argument to the "they just died from typhus" line. I looked up the numbers from the transport records, and it became obvious. The Germans were shipping in more people into Birkenau each month than the camp capacity. They liquidated the Hungarian ghettos in a few months. This was not the typhus death rate. That told me that the revisionist theories resulted from their conclusion, and not the other way around.