Monday, May 5, 2008

In Defense of Jimmy Carter: A Letter that Speaks for Itself

The following letter speaks for itself. I was in Israel during Carter's visit and the interesting thing was how even my far left friends thought of it as a stunt by Carter and not something that would in any way move the peace process further..
Ugly old yenta,
As the following article* makes clear - President Cater's recent meeting with Hamas in Damascus opened the door for the EU (and soon the U.S.) to include the organization in future peace talks. Shouldn't you be extending an aplogy and an olive branch to the Nobel Peace Laureate for the bilious resentment and virulent anti-Gentile hate you spewed towards him after his fine book: "Israel - Not Apartheid"? When will you account for your canards against the man? Or, are you still clinging to the position that Israel is "The Land of Milk and Honey" and that the Palestinians are "filthy shvatz goyim" that need to be "done away with"?
One Proud Jew
Dean Chancery []

*No article was included in this eloquent message.


Rebecca said...

Hmm, I somehow doubt that he actually is "one proud Jew" with the kind of anti-semitic language he's spewing.

Epaminondas said...

Only an active supporter of the HAMAS CHARTER could even PRETEND to be that ignorant.

Maybe 'one proud jew' would like to sit down with Zawahiri for a discussion of the equality of religions so that those 'peace talks' can be scheduled as well.

steve said...

the knuckle-dragger couldn't even get the title of the book right.