Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hating HIllary Cause She's a Woman

This article by Andrew Stephen, who has been watching American politics for a long time, is painful to read. It shows the relentless sexist attack used to bring down Hillary Clinton. It is really mind boggling.

And if you think you have read all this stuff before, let me assure you that you have not.


Roman Werpachowski said...

Let's wait until June. Maybe something will happen to Obama and Hillary will get her nomination?

Deborah Lipstadt said...

What a horrible thought... Nothing should "happen" to Obama or any of the other candidates.

Hume's Ghost said...

That Randi Rhodes comment is just horrible. She should be ashamed of herself.

Patrick said...

Hillary and the rest of Clinton Inc have been destroying people for 20 years by whatever means necessary.

Now, someone is doing it to them and they cry about it. Seems a little weak to me..

Toby said...

Don't let anger about the sexism towards Hilary blind you to the fact that she lost the primary battle fair and square.

Most of the worst of the sexism happened after she had irretrieveably lost the nomination.

The article is also wrong in using examples like Ted Kennedy, Jerry Brown etc. None of these went to the Convention demanding to be made nominee against the wishes of the majority of the pledged delegates. The Clinton campaign did not hesitate to call Brown's nomination "mathematically impossible" when that was the case.