Thursday, May 8, 2008

Holocaust Denial on YouTube

There is an insidious Holocaust denial movie on YouTube. It relies primarily on footage from Terezin [Theresienstadt] and some seems to come from the propaganda film the Nazis made about that "camp" called The Fuhrer Gives the Jews a City.

By the way, there was a swimming pool at Auschwitz 1 -- not Birkenau where most of the Jews were -- it was rarely used by inmates and its main purpose was to store water for fire fighting.


Robert86 said...

Youtube is a heaven for all kinds of crap including Holocaust Denial and antisemitism, not to mention all manner of extreme political and idealogical views described as 100% true fact.

While disturbing this is what a world of free speech (well almost) allows. Fortunately there are people like the folks at Nizkor and the Holocaust Controversies blog ( who set the record straight.


Yes, and there was a water tap in the womans camp in Birkenau also!!!

It was outside the German womans / [criminal prisoners]barracks, and if any of the 10000 - 12000 Jewish woman tried to use it there was a near riot. One tap for 10000 - 12000 prisoners, such luxury - spit - spit.