Saturday, May 24, 2008

Historian Michael Burleigh reviews History Lesson: A Race Odyssey by Mary Lefkowitz

Michael Burleigh, the British historian, in his review of Mary Lefkowitz's book History Lessons, demonstrates how history can be rewritten on some of America's finest campuses with the support of the administration all in the name of not making a fuss.

If should give those of us who think Holocaust denial could never gain traction on campus -- which includes me -- some pause.

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Ian Thal said...

What I got out of the review, however, was that however dysfunctional Wellesley was in dealing with the conflict, it Lefkowitz was ultimately vindicated and Martin is relegated to the political fringes with his fellow extremists.

Not that this makes Martin's paranoid myth posing as history any less unacceptable in a university lecture hall-- but just that a vigilant defense of scholarly standards and academic civility can emerge victorious.