Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Latest Iranian Outrage

Iran seems to never stop. This proposal should be met with a chorus of jeers. Better yet every country should inundate Iran with all the books their scholars have ever published on the Holocaust on the condition that they place them in the Iranian National Library.

This is typical Holocaust denial tactics. They are trying to create the "debate." In other words, they are saying, "We are not deniers. We are just interested in the truth."

I think I shall send them the printout of Judge Gray's finding in my trial. Its available on [click on the left side where it says judgment].

Iranian proposal for establishing committee to clarify

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

An Iranian official on Friday called for the establishment of a committee to clarify the real extent of the Holocaust.

"(Iranian President Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad wants European governments to allow Western scholars to publish their research on the Holocaust," Mohammad-Ali
Ramin, head of the Society for defending the rights of Moslem minorities in the West, told Fars. [Iranian news agency]


"Ahmadinejad should therefore propose establishment of an international committee for clarifying the real extent of the Holocaust," the official added.


Ramin praised Ahmadinejad for having voiced his doubts over the Holocaust and the need for relocating the Jews to Europe if Europeans really did the massacre during the Second World War.

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Dave said...

Let's see if I can make the roster of "distinguished historians" and "forensic experts" who will staff this committee:

Ernst Zundel
Germar Rudolph
Mark Weber
David Irving
Fred Leuchter

Of course, three of the five are in the slammer, so it'll be tough to get them all together for the press conference when they unveil their "objective" report, which will say...Surprise!

The Holocaust didn't happen.

It's a lot harder to rig student union elections at a university.