Saturday, December 17, 2005

Children's TV: Jews are turned into apes and pigs and are annihilated

In another example of "death by a thousand cuts" or the steady escalation of antisemitism, Memri reports on a Children's Special broadcast by Hizbullah Al-Manar TV.

In the broadcast Jews are turned into apes and pigs because they insist on working on the Sabbath day. Then they are annihilated.

The Egyptian filmmaker, Zainab Fouad Zamzamshe, has an MA and PhD. She is among the few animators working in Islamic countries who creates animation films on subjects related to the Islamic history and spiritual values and has so far made over 650 films for children.

Her bio, as posted on the website of an Iranian children's film festival, suggests that she is not a radical extremist but someone who is in the mainstream.

Excerpts from the broadcast appear below. The transcript can be accessed through Memri's website

Grandfather: "Come on, men, keep building. Tomorrow is the Sabbath and we will not work, as we were commanded by the Lord."


Pinhas: "Step right up and buy your Sabbath goods. We trade on the day that the Lord once forbade, and get rich."

Shamloun: "Shamloun is inviting you. Check out my merchandise, and don't be afraid of anyone. You won't be punished not from the earth nor from the skies."

Habakkuk: "Step right up. It is me, Habakkuk. I am, as you can see, safe and sound. The only illness that has struck me is wealth. Come here. How nice it is to work on the Sabbath. ..."

[While jumping up and down, Pinhas, Shamloun, Habakkuk, and others in the marketplace turn into apes. The boy and his grandfather open a door in the wall and step to the other side with some other villagers.]

Grandfather: "Look, my child, the young among them have turned into apes, and their elderly have become pigs."

Boy: "They should know that the Lord speaks the truth and punishes severely."

Grandfather: "Praise the Lord, who has saved us. They remained in this condition for three days, and then were annihilated. The wind has cast them into the sea."

[Music plays as the apes and pigs are cast into the sea.]

Narrator: "In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.... We visited the wrong-doers with a grievous punishment. We said the them: 'Be ye apes, despised and rejected.' .... The Lord is quick in retribution, but he is
also oft-forgiving, most Merciful."


Dave said...

I don't think the choice of pigs is an accident.

But I think this little piece of entertainment is as disgusting as it gets.

The depressing thing about this is knowing that eventually, they'll get what they want...they'll set off an atomic bomb in Tel Aviv and New York City...

If I think about this too much, my head explodes.

Kashesan said...

It creates a dangerous sense of moral superiority in the impressionable children who watch it. How evil is this? And how like the propaganda of the third reich?