Thursday, December 15, 2005

Iranian Parliamentary President's Call: Some Thoughts

My general inclination is to take a very cautious approach to statements such as those made by the Iranian Parliamentary President. They are so off the wall, that I treat them with a bit of contempt.

I also react against a lot of people in the Jewish community who tend to cry "the sky is falling" more often than I think is accurate or efficacious.

However, I am finding this steady drumbeat of claims about the Holocaust and this call for an "investigation" disturbing. It suggests death by a 1000 cuts.

One last thought: When David Irving gets out of Austrian jail [my guess is that he will get off with time served -- a wise move on the Austrians part], he will probably be welcomed as a hero in Iran.

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Kashesan said...

This is unbelievable-I am finishing "History On Trial" I have just read the judgement statement of Judge Gray-I had tears in my eyes as the little lady in the sweater offered her thanks. That she is being insulted and her pain invalidated in print again-by the President of Iran-is just...unbeleivable. I can't even think of words. Shame!