Sunday, December 11, 2005

Holocaust Denier Germar Rudolf deported from USA

In the course of the conversation about Irving's arrest, some attention has been given to the deportation from the United States of another Holocaust denier, Germar Rudolf. There is an interesting press release on the website of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE]about this deportation.

In short, Rudolf was wanted by Germany for having violated the law against inciting racial hatred. He fled Germany and after hiding out in a number of countries ended up in the United States where he applied for political asylum, claiming political persecution in Germany.

A federal immigration judge denied Rudolf’s asylum claim and ordered him deported in June 2003. Rudolf appealed and lost. He then appealed to the US Court of Appeals and to the Supreme Court. All denied Rudolf’s requests .

He became a fugitive, and then, after a period of time, showed up at an Immigration Office to apply for a Green Card on the basis of his having subsequently married an American citizen. [I guess you have to admire his hutzpah.] A quick check of the ICE computers indicated he was a fugitive and he was arrested.

His behavior reminds me of Irving who announced on his website the fact that he was going to Austria where there was a warrant for his arrest to give a speech. Then, he went and was arrested.

I would argue that part of the modus operandi of people such as this is to "spit in the eye" of authorities by breaking the law and then to test the resolve of the governing authorities [whether here in the US or in Austria].

If the authorities do nothing, they herald this as indicating that they are above the law. If the authorities act and arrest them, then they cry "Free speech" or "Victim!."


Dave said...

Yeah...I think this guy and Irving were trying to do the same things...gain more media attention, and show their utter contempt for the civilized world. Once the Supreme Court turned down his appeal, he should have realized that Uncle Sam would send him flying back to the Fatherland when he turned up in their pipper.

His contempt and gall is shown by his "marriage" and attempt to get a Green Card. But he failed in hoodwinking the federal authorities as much as he failed to hoodwink historians and chemists with his fake degrees and even more fake report on Auschwitz.

Contrary to his report, he does not hold any degrees in chemistry, he was just a chemistry student. In addition, he passed himself off as a bigshot at the institute he was studying at, and they canned him. And when he stood trial in Germany, Rudolph/Scheerer created phony names to "endorse" his reports, which of course, was perjury.

Interestingly enough, as readers of this blog will know, Irving tried to use the Rudolph report on appeal, even though appeals are not supposed to hear new evidence, and Anthony Julius commissioned counter-reports to shoot it down.

Irving withdrew the Rudolph report before that could happen, and claimed that he was "forced" to withdraw it. (When is David Irving lying? When he moves his lips)

Rudolph was apparently annoyed that Irving did not call him as a support witness during the main trial, and I share that bafflement. I suspect that Irving rightly feared that Rudolph would not stand up under competent cross-examination.

It's interesting to note that Irving did not call any witnesses to support his claims that the Holocaust never happened, and his only non-subpoenaed witness was a psychologist who merely said that Jews stuck together. Irving never showed proof of what his real complaint was about...his paranoid anger at what he feels is the "worldwide Jewish conspiracy" to destroy him.

If Holocaust deniers and denial wasn't so dangerous, and their supporters so deadly (Islamic extremists, the killers of Mathew Shepard and Jasper Byrd), and if they weren't so offensive, they'd be funny. I try to remember Deborah's last chapters..."do not let them in your house," and "make them wear the jester's costume" when I think about them and the garbage they spew.

It helps. A lot.

Deborah Lipstadt said...

A reader wrote to point out that I had misspelled Rudolf's name as Rudolph... [maybe I was influenced by the holiday (!) season]. Or it may have been that he has used so many aliases it is hard to keep his "real" name in my head. In any case, the misspellings have been corrected.