Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Iranians Keep at it

According to the Iranian news agency , an Iranian senior cleric has called the Holocaust a "sheer historic lie" which was devised by Zionists to achieve their nefarious goals. They claim that anyone who denies is imprisoned [a clear reference to David Irving et. al.]

"Assumed massacre of six million Jews in Germany after imposing hard labor against them in concentration camps, known as Holocaust, is a sheer historic lie," said Supreme Leader's representative in Fars Province and Friday Prayer
leader of Shiraz Ayatollah Mohyeddin Ha'eri Shirazi in an address to large groups of Friday prayers worshipers.


"They have now devised an international law based on which no one is allowed to raise doubts against the authenticity of that fabricated story, and made such practice punishable by imprisonment."

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