Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Irving's Trial: February 20th

Austrian Press Agency reports that Irving's trial in Vienna will be on
February 20 (one trial day).

According to the report Irving will plead for remorse. Apparently he and
his lawyer have noticed that his tactics of "new insights" after a visit
to Russian archives isn't very convincing when he had uttered his usual
stuff just a short time ago. As he now said in a pre-trial interrogation,
he will use a slightly modified tactic:

"Ihm sei vor wenigen Wochen klar geworden, dass die Existenz von
Gaskammern in Auschwitz erwiesen sei." (He realized a few weeks ago that the existence of gas chambers in Auschwitz is proved.)


Kashesan said...

Perhaps the comments of Iran's president will give him pause for thought again.

Dave said...

This guy's story changes as often as I change my socks.

It'll be interesting to see if that flies with the judges.

But win, lose, or draw, when this case is over, and he's freed, 10 minutes later, he'll be denouncing the court and the Jews for all his troubles.

I guess, like Hitler, he wants to convince everybody that he doesn't stand for anti-Semitism and racism, just for a strong Germany. Ugh.

Kashesan said...

Dear Dr Lipstadt,
Allright, the president of Iran has "come out of the closet" and stated that the Holocaust is a "myth" He used that word-myth. And claims at the same time that because of this "myth" the state of Israel should be transplanted to Europe. How can he, on the one hand claim the Holocaust is a myth, and at the same time claim that it justifies Europe's responsibilty for Israel? Like all deniers, he wants it both ways. But this is the president of a country! Is this an example of democracy not working?