Thursday, March 17, 2005

More on the C-SPAN Storm

As the comment from David Thompson noted, other bloggers are weighing in on this. Author Roger L. Simon writes:

March 17, 2005: "Fairness" at C-SPAN

I am a great C-SPAN admirer and supporter of free speech, but the network's BOOKS division's choice of notorious Holocaust denier David Irving as a "counter-balance" to Deborah Lipstadt, who was appearing in conjunction with her new book "History on Trial," is on the edge of mind-boggling. Okay, it is mind-boggling ...

In their March 16 communique, Honest Reporting also weighed in:

C-SPAN's Shaky Balance

The cable network insists on granting air time to a notorious Holocaust denier.

Yesterday (3/15), leaders from more than 40 nations gathered in Jerusalem to dedicate a new, expanded Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.

Yet at the very time that this monument to Nazi evil was inaugurated, the American cable network C-SPAN planned to give a notorious Holocaust denier a broad audience to promote his ideology that the murder of six million Jews never occurred. This, in the name of 'journalistic balance'. ...

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Anonymous said...

I think giving equal time to people on two sides of an issue is good, but I guess it gets complicated when one of them is possibly spreading false or hate filled ideas. I do not know this Irving's writings, I hope he is not misrepresented. If he is lying and Lipstatdt won the case, I wish she would come on C-SPAN and share her story- if it is a victory for truth, then she can inspire many. thanks. M. Williams