Monday, March 21, 2005

Deniers not welcome on

As Prof. Lipstadt noted earlier, deniers will not be given a platform on this blog. Nor are they welcome on JBooks:

March 21, 2005

JBooks recently ran a threaded discussion about Deborah Lipstadt, which included comments from the Emory professor [herself]. Unfortunately, a number of Holocaust deniers, including David Irving, found their way into the conversation and immediately began desecrating the memory of the Shoah. Therefore, we've discontinued the discussion. If you're interested in the Lipstadt saga, read our review and perhaps Richard Cohen's Washington Post article, then catch her tonight on The O'Reilly Factor (show starts at 8).

You'd think that with the multiplicity of cyber-venues available to them, they wouldn't need to flaunt their bigotry and ignorance elsewhere. Oh, well ... perhaps they don't get much of an audience at their regular posting-grounds.

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