Monday, March 21, 2005

No More Comments: A Sad Policy Change

When I first created this blog, my blog mentor London's Sashinka, urged me to allow comments. It will give you an opportunity to enter into a conversation with people who are interested in your work, she told me. I was delighted by the idea and enjoyed the early comments.

Then the antisemites, deniers, and kooks came out of the woodwork. They began to post long email message, most of them filled with drivel trying to prove all sorts of absurd things, e.g. Irving is not a denier and he did not lose the lawsuit.

I stopped commenting and left it some stalwarts to engage these people.

Yesterday, I put a stop to the whole thing. I decided that I don't have to provide a platform for these people. Some people told me that they learned a lot from reading their comments. "I knew these people were out there," one person wrote me, "but I never saw them 'up close and personal.' Ugh."

There are, sadly, many places on the Internet to see them "up close." But no longer on this blog site.

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