Saturday, March 5, 2005

Little kids ask David Irving to teach them about the Holocaust

I was going through some old emails and found that about two years ago someone had sent me to Irving's website to see how a 13 year old American girl had turned to him with questions about the Holocaust. I had recently been asked whether I thought deniers were really a danger. They have failed miserably at convincing many people of their views. [More people believe Elvis is alive than believe the Holocaust did not happen.] However, they continue to ply their wares, motivated as they are, or so it seems to me, by hatred, antisemitism, and philo-Nazism.

For Irving as teacher of 13 year olds see:


Anonymous said...

David Irving remains a threat. It is absurd to believe otherwise. I'm sorry but combatting the holocaust deniers is a never-ending duty. The moment you cease---they will be provided a greater opportunity to seduce new victims. The Protocols of Zion, for instance, is a laughably silly work, but many people still consider it to be the truth.

Anonymous said...

See... what? Where's the link?

Anonymous said...

"The book is Lipstadt's account of her successful defense against Holcaust denier, David Irving, who sued her for libel for calling him a denier. Irving suffered a resounding loss."

There's a typo.

David H Lippman said...

I hope someone got in touch with that kid to get her some real help on the Holocaust.