Thursday, January 27, 2005


It's late and I still owe an oped piece to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. So I shall post some more tomorrow and more photos. We are off first thing tomorrow a.m. back to Auschwitz, actually Auschwitz I this time, for a private tour with VP Cheney, Mrs. Cheney, their daughter Liz and granddaughter Kate. Had a nice talk with the granddaughter yesterday and with her mom today at Birkenau. With Kate I talked about some books she might read on the Holocaust. With her mom, Liz Perry, about different ways parents approach teaching their children about the Holocaust.

After Auschwitz it's off to the airport to "our" [it's really the President's] jet and home.

What an experience this has been. How blessed I am to have been part of it.

Laila tov.

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