Saturday, January 15, 2005

LimmudNY: A Cause for Joy, Not Oy

Here I am at LimmudNY, doing my first post on my new blog, which my buddy from the UK, Sashinka, has set up for me..

Re Limmud: It's an amazing program, a weekend of Jewish learning, living, and rejoicing organized by a dedicated group of volunteers [one paid staff person], over 650 people -- from all sorts of background: devoutly religous to fervently secular -- and it's been quite inspiring.

The thing that strikes is that we talk so much now and worry even more about the rise of antisemitism and anti-Israelism. These are fears and worries which may well be justified. However, even as we worry about these developments, we cannot loose sight of the positive developments. If we do that we cheat ourselves and future generations out of an opportunity to rejoice in their heritage, history, tradition, culture and future.