Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dick Cheney's wardrobe at Auschwitz

Having been asked by a number of people about Dick Cheney's choice of a parka and a navy wool cap for the Auschwitz commemoration, I must say that I find the whole discussion ridiculous. Having been with him the evening before and discussed his previous visit to Auschwitz [with Germad Ford] and walked with him through Auschwitz I the next morning, I have no doubt that he was deeply moved and touched by his visits.

I have two thoughts: the man has a history of heart trouble. My mother's cardiologist would probably have told her, also a heart patient, "are you nuts to even think about sitting outside for 3.5 hours in a driving snow storm? If you must then wear the warmest clothing you have." [And I remind those who compared this to the inaguration that that ceremony was about 40 minutes, this one was far longer.]

The second thought is a teaching from Ethics of the Fathers, a book of Rabbinic teachings, "don't look at the container, rather look at what is contained therein."

Let's get our priorities straight.

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