Friday, February 29, 2008

Holocaust Hoax: An Author Seems to Go on Lying

The woman, about whom I wrote in the previous post, seems to unable to stop lying, even now. Read this analysis of her latest explanation.

What a piece of work.


Eurodog said...

Hello Deborah,
I have just heard on the Belgian (Flemish) news that Misha Defonseca has publically admitted that her story is untrue. She apologises to all the people she has deceived.
She actually has a good Flemish name, Monique Dewael and is not Jewish.
By all means make up stories but not on such a delicate matter which is still fresh in a lot of people's minds.
Have a nice week end.
NB: I have created a link to your blog; this will enable me to read it more easily.

Eurodog said...

Sorry but I can open the link. Could you send it to my e-mail address:

Unknown said...

I am sorry --- I made some changes to that blog entry but the details are at the end of the article. The link is: