Thursday, February 14, 2008

Avowed Antisemitic and White Supremacist Professor [Kevin McDonald] Back in the News*

Inside Higher Education has a long article on Kevin McDonald, the California State University Long Beach professor who testified for David Irving [of his own volition and not because of a subpoena] and made such a pathetic impression on the judge and just about everyone else in the courtroom [with the exception of Irving's supporters] is back in the news.

McDonald's performance was so ridiculous that my wonderful and very wise barrister, Richard Rampton, did not even bother to cross examine him.

McDonald's views which are unquestionably antisemitic and racist are an anathema to his colleagues. Yet the university has never condemned them or expressed any criticism of them. For previous posts on McDonald see here. It documented his long association with virulently racist and antisemitic entities.

Last year McDonald was the subject of an in-depth report by the Southern Poverty Law Center under the title Promoting Hate

Ironically the university is hosting a group of scholars, documentary producers, and genocide survivors for the President’s Forum on International Human Rights, which is focused on modern genocides and society’s responsibility to prevent them.

I wonder if McDonald is going to show up. He could be a prime piece of evidence of how hate can be dressed up in academic garb.

*I put McDonald's name in brackets because that is how I think of him, i.e. as a sort of cipher.


David Lieberman said...

I gave a paper reviewing MacDonald's fraudulent research practices at the Parkes Institute in 2005. An extended version is available here:

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David Lieberman

Cathal said...

Irving is to speak at Cork University, Ireland, on Monday, March 10. Protests are planned
Indymedia.ire is covering the controversy.