Sunday, February 17, 2008

LimmudLA: Bravo

[posted from LAX where I arrived absurdly early for my flight]:

Just left LimmudLA. Great job by an array of volunteers. Good conversation. Good learning. Good spirit. Great people. Bad coffee.

Bravo to all those who made it happen.

If you are in the LA area put it on your calendar for next year.

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Selwyn Gerber said...

LimmudLA was indeed absolutely outstanding on all counts. The presentations were diverse and uniformly good, the accomodation was perfect, the volunteer team was totally devoted to attending to every minute need... indeed the whole weekend ran like a swiss watch.

The coffee was bad - fortunately I spotted a Starbucks close by...

Truly a Woodstock for the soul - celebrating diversity and unity.

Kudos to the Limmudsters.