Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Deborah Lipstadt: "spineless" and "wimpy"

A few months ago I posted and then deleted a review by Debbie Schlussel of A Mighty Heart. I decided it was too vituperative in tone. I explained my mistake.

Well it seems Ms. Schlussel did not like my action [that's understandable] and sent me an email [which due to a bureaucratic snafu I did not receive until this a.m.] expressing her opinion about my action.

I thought it was worth sharing with readers of this blog:

From: Debbie Schlussel [mailto:debbieschlussel@worldnet.att.net]
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 5:29 PM
To: hdot@emory.edu
Subject: To DEBORAH LIPSTADT . . .

Dear Dr. Lipstadt:

I don’t read your site, but got a google alert on my name and saw what you posted about my movie review. Prior to this, as a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, I had been a fan of your work, but you’ve change my mind completely all on your own. I can now see why those who share the views of the David Irvings of the world are so successful, whereas our side is losing. They have backbone, and you are spineless. Thanks for enlightening me. I’d ask why those to whose whims you bow so easily were so upset with the “tone” of my review, which was perfectly fine. But frankly, I don’t care. I care much more to know why you are so wimpy. Then again, we cannot always find reason in illogic. Now I know why C-SPAN was so successful in mistreating you. You probably willingly took it. Or apparently, they very easily changed your mind, based on “tone.”


Debbie Schlussel

I have been called many things but never have I been called "spineless" and "wimpy" or been accused of having "willingly took it." Next time Ms. Schlussel is sued in the UK for libel by a Holocaust denier and engages in a 6+ year legal battle, I hope she lets me know so I can support her.

Life is an unending string of surprises.

And a Shana Tova to you too Ms. Schlussel.


Hume's Ghost said...

Eh. She's a poor man's Ann Coulter.

Ian Thal said...

It doesn't surprise me that Schlussel would resort to character assassination when something occurs not to liking-- it's precisely this tendency of hers to spew bile at the drop of a pin that causes so many who respect your work to not respect hers.

Greever said...

I admit I had never heard of Debbie Schlussel before and probably would have been better off if I had never been to her website. Saying this, I have never seen someone have so much prejudice for people who differ in thought or being and use this is reviewing movies. There is something wrong when people respect the work of someone who is obviously so blinded by her own misguided beliefs. I am not suprised however that she wrote this to you seeing as when anyone disagrees with her she takes it personally and proceeds with attacking them. Anyone who has read your book, taken your class, or actually takes the time to look at what you have accomplished (I took you're class last semester and it was one of my favorites) gets a very good idea of the kind of person you are and knows that you are anything but spineless.

Sergey Romanov said...

Schluessel is a far right "pundit". As such, she is a serial misinformer, see http://mediamatters.org/issues_topics/search_results?qstring=Debbie+Schlussel

Note that she somehow thinks that being "pro-Palestinian" is bad in itself. How is that not racism?

acadia said...

Dear Debbie Schlussel,

Deborah (as everybody else, including me) has weaknesses. But, at least she invested tremendous effort and energy to fight Holocaust deniers.

What have you done Debbie?

Secondly, Holocaust is not about numbers as Irving attempted to prove. When it comes to Genocide, numbers do not mean much.

We know that Holocaust happened and it has been proven as a fact many times beyond reasonable doubt. I happen to be editor of Srebrenica Genocide Blog. We had 8,000 people systematically rounded up and slaughtered in Srebrenica just because they happened to be Muslims. Two highest International Courts already ruled Srebrenica Massacre constituted Genocide.

Genocide is much more complicated than numbers. But at least, Deborah is doing her best to counter attack those who deny Holocaust and I applaud her efforts.