Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ahmadinejad was at Columbia [15]: About those homosexuals who don't exist in Iran....

Here are some questions for the Iranian president:
If there are no homosexuals in Iran who were all those people who were sentenced to death and executed by your regime for homosexuality?

Were they falsely charged by the the courts?
And now Jeannie Moost CNN is doing a humorous spot poking fun at him.... He's the butt of jokes... The Court Jester... And he did it to himself.


Anonymous said...


I was wrong yesterday. My argument against him getting a Columbia platform, which you kindly put on your blog's front page, might have been sound but was wrong because it failed to account for two things that were only possible because he did get the platform. Such are the wonderful unpredictabilities of a free maket in ideas.

1) Who knew Bollinger would exercize his right to speak so freely? Awe-inspiring. Brutally straight talk. Its a shame it is so rare.

2) And as little regard as I had for the President of Iran, I admit even I was dumbstruck at the simultaneously hilarious and mind-boggling extent of his stupidity and ineptitude. The guy isnt even a formidable despot, although I dont for a seconf underestimate his danger.

Tell me the truth: Did you expect he would be such a astoundingly stupid and laughable fool?

He surpassed my expectations.


Deborah Lipstadt said...

Bollinger was first rate, though, of course he is taking some flak for being so direct. [I am not sure what these critics want: invite a despot but don't challenge him...]

On your second point... well I am just not sure. You annd I saw a stupid and laughfable fool. I am not sure everyone else did.....

Though he did himself not good with some folks -- especially those on the left who might be sympatico to some of his ideas -- when he declared homosexuality a non-existent problem.

Orac said...

Did Ahmadinejad know that last year's International Mr. Gay Competition had an Iranian contestant?