Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ahmadinejad was at Columbia: Now he's cavorting with some so-called rabbis

The Iranian news agency, IRNA reports that Ahmadinejad met with "rabbis" in New York who gave him a silver grail [?].

Of course it was those low life Neturei Karta folks who call themselves rabbis. Apparently they took time out from checking who has the most beautiful lulav and etrog to make nice with a man who rises to their level, Ahmadinejad.

According to IRNA they carried a placard which read; "I am Jewish, not a Zionist."

Anything I could say about them I would be sorry I wrote. Use your imagination. But don't do so aloud, you will be embarrassed.


Friendstacy said...

hm. I see nothing in this post except Ad Hominem personal attacks and Irrelevant Appeals, both logical fallacies. What is your point?

They can't really be Jewish if they don't support the Israeli government? Does your God tell you not to kill, or is it somehow okay if it's done by governments and armies? Why is that?

That's much the same as my situation right now, I can't call myself Native American because my ancestors chose to assimilate rather than live in concentration camps (and face the threat of death in the journey to get there). I'm not welcome to learn the traditions or be a part of the culture that my family lost, though I'm every bit as much injun as those born on the reservations.

It doesn't matter to them why my family made the choice they did. It does not matter to them that I still hold legal title to land that has been in my family's stewardship since before the white settlers came. But it does matter to me, it explains why certain decisions were made. Decisions that could not have been very easy to make, regardless.

Deborah Lipstadt said...

I am not sure what your rant is all about or how much of it is relevant to this blog....

These people are from the same group that attended his Holocaust denial conference... Hence my critique of them.

Friendstacy said...

you called them "low lifes." you insinuated that they are not Rabbis. That is not critique, that is personal attack. You said nothing about any of them denying the holocaust, not in this post. If a few Jewish people have blonde hair and blue eyes, can you conclude that all of them do? Attending a conference does not necessarily imply an agreement with the speaker, does it?

Friendstacy said...

you have dismissed my comments as not being relevant before. I see my family's history as very relevant to your blog. My ancestors were slaughtered in masses by the colonists. My ancestors were rounded up and sent to concentration camps (but people still prefer to call them "reservations"). I have never met anyone in real life who denies the Holocaust, not even here in the "buckle of the bible belt" but I have met very very few who realize the extent of the genocide of the Native American peoples. How is that not relevant?

Deborah Lipstadt said...

1. You are right, my language was strong, possibly inappropriately so. Since that has taken the focus off of their actions and behavior -- which I find to be despicable -- and put it on how I expressed my views.

2. I have certianly not meant to dismiss your family's history as irrelevant to this blog. Your people, if I may use that term, have suffered horrendously and have never had that suffering properly acknowledged by either the American government or the American public.

3. I was just not sure -- and still am not sure -- how it relates to the question of these so-called rabbis [there is real question about whether they are indeed rabbis] meeting with a man who oversees the execution of homosexual youth and adults, limits the rights of women, puts anyone with a dissident point of view in jail [including Iranian American scholars], refuses to let the UN inspect his nuclear weapon production, denies the Holocaust, and calls for the physical destruction of another state.

4. Furthermore, these Neturei Karta folks [that's the name of the group to which these bearded men belong] also attended a conference which was devoted to Holocaust denial and riddled with deniers. I am not sure you would be so restrained if a Native American went to a conference on how the Native Americans benefited from their treatment at the hands of the US government. I would be outraged.

5. These people not only went to the conference they hugged and kissed with this guy.

6. I think the best way of "treating" such people is with ridicule. They don't deserve more. That's what you heard in my words.

7. One is best counseled, I think, to relate to them as one would to the dirt you step in on the street particularly when left my dogs [I am not saying they are like dirt, I am saying I relate to them in the same manner]: it has no intrinsic importance unless you fail to clean it off your feet prior to going into the house. They really have no importance. They are like jesters. They provide a great photo op for the guy from Iran.

8. Regarding your blond hair and blue eyes statement, other than bordering on racism, I have no idea what you mean.