Sunday, April 8, 2007

University of Leeds [UK] Cancels Speech Critical of Islam: censored speaker responds

Matthew Kuentzel, whose speech critical of Islam was abruptly cancelled by the University of Leeds, has responded to the issue and provides the background detail.

When you couple the behavior of the officials at University of Leeds with the decision of certain UK teachers to teach about the Crusades and the Holocaust the concept of a "reign of [fear of] Muslim terror and/or anger" seems all the more likely and all the more terrifying.

As I have written earlier, deniers should sit back, relax, and wait. In the name of political correctness and fear of angry Muslims [remember their response to the Danish cartoons and the speech by the Pope] history will be rewritten. Much more than the Holocaust and the Crusades will disappear.

Europe seems to be engaged in a true kulturkampf and Muslims, as a result of their previous behavior, just have to sit by while the other side defeats itself.

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