Friday, April 6, 2007

Robert Faurisson IS a "forger of history": French court rules

According to the JTA, A Paris court ruled that a former French Cabinet minister did not defame Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson by calling him a "forger of history." According to the judgment, Faurisson's multiple convictions for denying the Holocaust justified former Justice Minister Robert Badinter's comments about him. on the Arte TV channel last year. Faurisson had accused Badinter of defamation.

Faurisson argued that because this precise term waws not in the 1981 court decision that condemned his claims that there were no gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps he was being defamed. The Deputy Prosecutor argued that Faurisson arguements and conclusions were designed to deny the Holocaust.

This decision should be considered a "no brainer," given Faurisson's record of Holocaust denial -- I spent an entire day with him a number of years ago, believe me this man is nothing but a forger of history and a liar and an antisemite... just like his pal David Irving.

A final judgment is due May 21.

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