Monday, April 2, 2007

Mark Cuban [owner of the Dallas Mavericks] responds to my criticism

Mark Cuban, or someone claiming to be him, has responded to my attack on him.

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Mikey said...

Dear Professor Lipstadt

Both links on this post direct you to your attack as to one that should go to his response.

As I have never written to you directly before - very well done in the David Irving trial. These people need to be exposed - you did it well in "Denying the Holocaust" and Irving's foolish decision to sue you in the English courts meant that he could be destroyed again - utterly and completely via the British legal system.

It is a shame I could not be at the trial, I would hasve paid a lot of money for the entertainment value of watching the reaction in the court when Irving referred to the judge as "mein fuhrer."

Warm regards and chag sa-meach


(An admirer from London, UK)