Wednesday, April 18, 2007

UK's Holocaust Educatiton Trust responds to false rumors about Holocaust education in UK

In response to the crazy rumors and misinterpretations of the UK Ministry of Education study regarding the teaching of the Holocaust Educational Trust of the UK has posted a statement on its website.

I posted on this on Sunday and have continued to be inundated with emails alerting me to this "terrible" development. People seemed energized by the thought that this might be true.

I am glad that at last this wave of hysteria has been quelled. [Though I am struck by the fact that the Wiesenthal Center just released a statment expressing the fact that it was "horrified" that UK teachers were failing to teach about the Holocaust for reasons of "political correctness." Another misstatement of the facts.]

In short there is enough bad stuff about Jews -- i.e. antisemitism -- out in the world that we do not have to seek it out where it does not exist or overstate what is out there.

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