Friday, January 16, 2009

Leading Holocaust Denier Gives Up: We Won... Well Not Exactly

One of the leading Holocaust deniers claims he has given up the fight to persuade people there was no Holocaust.

Nobody would bite.

So this is good news, right?

Well not exactly. He is now going to focus his energies on fighting Jewish-Zionist power.

This, of course, proves what I and others have been saying for years. Holocaust denial is naught but a form of antisemitism. Weber could not spread antisemitism with Holocaust denial so he is going to try other methods.

Methinks he will have more success with his new track. Sadly so.


Hume's Ghost said...

I wonder if Weber will still continue with his more general WWII revisionism ... Shermer has an article in the current issue of Skeptic about the mainstream success of Weber's promotion of the notion that fighting WWII was a mistake on the part of the Allies.

"The New Revisionism: Would We be Better Off if Hitler Had Won"

I don't believe the article is available at Skeptic but it is up on the IHR's website. I used tiny Url on that link.

Michael Santomauro said...

To paraphrase the essence of Mark Weber's essay--Is the saturation and corruption of our culture by the Holocaust a cause or consequence of Jewish power...good question. But what difference does it matter. It is the new religion that has to be confronted with an on going intellectual battle until we are proven wrong or right somewhere in between.

The Holocaust story, if not continuously confronted, has made Jewish power impossible to be benign. The Holocaust Story is the strongest expression of Jewish power. It is used as a weapon with its slogan -- "Never Again" -- at the expense of the Palestinians and Unites States foreign policy interests.

The direction of the IHR in de-emphasizing Holocaust Revisionism is a defeatist attitude.


Michael Santomauro
Editorial Director
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Theo Tiefwald said...

At least try to use the right terminology like the Forward article does - most of these people are not "Holocaust deniers," they are "Holocaust revisionists."

Almost no one except the most extreme and deluded try to claim that "the Holocaust never happened - it's all a huge Jewish lie and conspiracy!"

The Holocaust revisionists do claim, however, that the numbers of Jews killed are overstated - and many scholars, both Jewish and non, actually agree with them or are increasingly coming to realize that the 6 million number was arbitrarily used before the war had even ended and long before the final numbers were even known. Instead of 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust many are coming to realize that the numbers were likely lower, probably between 3-4 million instead of the set in stone-no questions asked-cannot be challenged number of 6 million. Also, not all were intentionally killed by gas chambers and so forth - a whole lot died from disease and starvation in overcrowded camps because of the food shortages during the war and so on.

Even if the number of Jews killed was lower than 6 million it obviously doesn't mean that the Holocaust should be minimized or denied, that's terrible - but history is open to revision if new information comes to light.

Deborah Lipstadt said...

i normally do not post comments by Holocaust deniers. I did here because I thought it would be useful for readers to see deniers modus operandi.

That's it. No more. And these may not stay here for long. I may come to my senses before long....

Epaminondas said...

One quick tour of world news about what is said of jews since the IDF was compelled to enter gaza and one cannot help but conclude you are right "Methinks he will have more success with his new track"

The 2500 year old sport this world has enjoyed is CLEARLY not only alive, but if one looks for instance at the recent invective from Bill Moyers, one can conclude it's an elite sport once again.

File under moronic convergence of the once liberal, extreme left, extreme right, and quranic.

Jews are not really hated because of what Israel does. It starts with Israel being hated because it is full of jews

Epaminondas said...

Theo, I have no idea if you are saying you think 12 jews died or 4,875,000 ..but let me ask a question I have asked my many arab acquaintances in the gulf.... if 6,875,0000 died, or 8,100,000 died does this change the nature of what occurred? If 5,375,000 is that really any different?

Which I say is this... NOTHING NEW except in quantity. It just HAPPENED that the customs and ignorances of several millienia were finally expressed in the 'flowering' of a true industrial power who made a business process out of this racism.

Hume's Ghost said...

Did my comment not go through because of the IHR link to Shermer's article (or some other reason, perhaps some error on my end?)

I was speculating as to whether or not that more general WWII revisionism would be one of his new approaches given what Shermer demonstrates is its success at going mainstream, with Nial Ferguson (along with a couple others) having adopted some Weber sounding arguments in one of his books on the subject. I would guess that its easier to hide motivational prejudice when it comes to this form of revision, as opposed to Holocaust denial which is fairly transparently based in antisemitism.

hockey hound said...

"Also, not all were intentionally killed by gas chambers and so forth - a whole lot died from disease and starvation in overcrowded camps because of the food shortages during the war and so on."

The above statement is an example of how easily the truth of the Holocaust can be "revised" (read: transmogrified) into a lie.

'When Hitler was the Devil
He did as he had sworn
With such enthusiasm
That even, donnerwetter,
The Germans say, "Far better
Had he been never born!"' -Louis Simpson, from The Silent Generation

hockey hound said...

Anti-Zionism has morphed into anti-Semitism
National Post
Published: Monday, January 19, 2009

Has anti-Zionism any connection with anti-Semitism? For a long time, anti-Semitism was a characteristic of the right. The right, however, since the horror of the Holocaust, is showing signs of repentance. These days we are reading of vicious denunciations of Israel, often going as far as to accuse Israel of Nazism. Such denunciations seem to be coming mostly from younger, idealistic people on the left, who are perhaps too young to remember what Nazism really was, and see how inappropriate the word is. Perhaps it is only a term of abuse, the strongest they can think of.

Since anti-Semitism is today widely regarded as a form of racism, anti-Zionists must deny that they are anti-Semites. They are like the anti-Semite who says: "I have nothing against Jews as such, and some of my best friends are Jews. I am only opposed to what they do." To-day it is: "I have no doubt that Israel has the right to defend itself. I am only opposed to the massacre in Gaza."

Anti-Zionism seems today the prevalent form of anti-Semitism. It is respectable, and can use much of the vocabulary of the left. But for those who have met anti-Semitism, the smell is nothing new.

William Nicholls, professor emeritus of Religious Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Epaminondas said...

Zionism is the result of anti semitism

To be anti zionist is at the very least, in the final analysis to be functionally anti semitic ..a 2 of clubs over the genitals preventing members of undesirable heritage at the club, old boy.

Roger Tucker said...

from recent interview with Prof. Robert Faurisson:
""Whoever allows himself to claim that the alleged Nazi gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews are a historical reality is, whether he likes it or not, giving support to a horrid lie that has become the number one war propaganda weapon of the State of Israel, a colonialist, racist and imperialist State. Let whoever has the nerve to support the 'Holocaust' myth look at his hands! His hands are red with the blood of Palestinian children!"

The truth will out, Ms. Lipshit.

hockey hound said...

First this guy quotes a known quack now repudiated by his (former) peers, then he finishes by insulting Prof. Lipstadt. Big tough guy. I can say of your anti-Jewish hatred, Roger, as Prof. emeritus William Nicholls of B.C. Canada pointed out to Canadians in the National Post recently, that "the smell is nothing new."

I remember reading an observation of Rabbi Kahane's where he articulates that the only people, in his experience, who revert to insults and ad hominem arguments are those who cannot rebut the truth. Roger has simply exposed himself as one of these.

"Pursuing his crusade --whose theme may be summarized as follows: the gas chambers did not exist because they can not have existed; they can not have existed because they should not have existed; or better still: they did not exist because they did not exist-- Robert Faurisson has just published a new book.

"This work is neither more nor less mendacious and dishonest than the preceding ones. I am not at the disposal of R. Faurisson, who, moreover, has not devoted a single line to attempting to respond to my dismantling of his lies in a text that he clearly is familiar with if we may judge from certain editorial details (such as the rectification of all too obvious cases of falsification). If every time a "revisionist" trotted out a new fable it were necessary to respond, all the forests of Canada would not suffice. I shall simply observe the following point: Faurisson's book is centered on the diary of the SS physician J. P. Kremer, a text I dealt with at length, showing that not once in the diary do the "special actions" in which the doctor participated have any relation with the struggle against typhus. Faurisson is unable, and for good reason, to supply a single argument, a single response on this subject. I have said as much, and will repeat it: his interpretation is a deliberate falsehood, in the full sense of the term. If one day it becomes necessary to analyze the rest of his lies and his falsifications, I shall do so, but such an operation seems to me to be of little interest and would be futile in the face of the sect whose prophet he has now become." -Pierre Vidal-Naquet, a French historian whose parents were murdered in Auschwitz

hockey hound said...

A beating, then betrayal
National Post
Published: Friday, January 23, 2009

Letters to the Editor

Re: Anti-Zionism Is Not Anti-Semitism, letters to the editor, Jan. 21.

Why don't your letter writers come and tell their analytical garbage to my son's 20-year-old friend, who last week ended up in hospital after being beaten up in Toronto? His "crime"? He was wearing a Magen David (the Jewish, not Zionist, Star of David). As he fell to numerous blows, his attackers shouted, "Jewish [not Zionist] scum. Let's see how strong you are without your army now!"

The police were most helpful: "We will lay charges only if we know who they are."

Do readers know what hurts Jews most? Not the fists and iron clubs; we're accustomed to those. Instead, the betrayal from within is always the most painful.

Yoseph Barrett, Toronto.