Friday, January 2, 2009

Apples Over the Fence: A New Publisher for the Book

It's hard to believe but another publisher has stepped forward to publish Herman Rosenblat's book. I guess they will cut out the story of the "apples."

The publisher praises Rosenblat’s motivations, which they say "were very human."

I just saw a statement in which Harris Salomon, who is going ahead with the movie, saying the debate was all about "an apple." I guess Salomon has not read the manuscript. In it -- or at least in the version I read -- Rosenblat says she tossed apples and other food over for a length of seven months.

An apple?



News to me! Read it here first. But if you read the website you linked to, York House Press, it seems they are more of a print on demand and electronic publisher than a traditional paper format printed book publisher. Read their "about" notice.

And they say they are " i in serious discussion{s} to publish a work of fiction in early spring that is "based" on the screenplay, tentatively called, "Flower at The Fence" .. etc etc.

What it seems this means, if you read it correctly is that the screenplay will be marketed and for sale, at some point, in the future, date not certain, as "discussions" are ongoing, so there is no pub date, and doesn't appear to be a traditional paperback book but more of a new media web-based POD, print on demand, book. And since the movie has not been made yet and won't be completed for a long time yet, movies take YEARS to complete, and since every screenplay changes whole the movie is being shot, there are adlibs, there are new scenes added, there are other scenes cut for time and editing purposes, so I don't think the screenplay of the movie can be published until the movie is in the can, as they say in Hollywood. So again, as a publishing "expert" who knows nothing actually, but reading between the lines of the press release, it means this: At some point there will be web-based book of the finished screenplay, based on the motion picture that has not even started its first shooting day yet.

But yes, looks like there will be a book. But it won't be "Apples at the Fence" and it won't be lablled as non-fiction. I don't believe it will be available until at least 2010, maybe 2011. Then again, I am often wrong. But sure, some kind of "book" might find its way into the public ssquare. Give it a chance. If it's a real good book, with a real good story, presented in an honest way and labelled correctly, I have no problem with that. And I just spent a long 10 weeks trying to get the Berkley Books stopped because there was something wrong in the way they were going about it. I think most people agree that Penguin made the right decision to stop the book and shred it.

This new book? Let's wait and see. It might be a good book! With a new editor and a new publisher, it might pass muster. Give it a chance.

If I am wrong, I will also criticize that book, but I have not seen it yet and do not know enough about what their plans are to get angry. I feel this is a side issue now. Let's get back to living again. Life. L'chayim!

Art Vandelay said...

My guess is that Solomon can't accept the fact that this story is a fabrication. I foresee the movie being made and changed from "true story" to "inspired by Herman Rosenblat".

You need to keep the pressure up so no one wants to produce this farce. I can guarantee you that Mr. Solomon will keep up the pressure on his end. It sounds like he is seething with anger.

Good job Deborah. You are doing the right thing.

herman rosenblat blog said...

we love your blog deborah. to set the record straight, we are expecting the book to be published within 6 months and the apples over the fence will remain. the screnplay was always a fictional adaptation of the original work. the book is based on the screenplay. film production is set for second qtr 2009. we appreciate all you have done for the project. the controversy has increased our profile and hopefully will ensure millions of additional people around the world read the book and the see movie.

LorMil said...

This has become such a fiasco, and is so deplorable on so many levels.

Never mind the fact that the Holocaust Survivors who do have their true stories to tell...this really gives the Jewish community, in that respect a bad reputation for enhancing and glorifying their stories.

I won't buy any book or go see any film that is based on the Rosenblatts.