Monday, January 26, 2009

Holocaust Denier Bishop Williamson in his own Worlds

If you want to see the recently reinstated Holocaust denier Bishop Williamson in his own words, click here.

He repeats lies, distortions, and information that is complete bunk.

He sounds smooth but he speaks complete bunk.

I challenge the Vatican to watch this and say that this is a private matter.



StGuyFawkes said...

Dear Dr. Lipstadt,

I am a Roman Catholic Tradtionalist and a great admirer of your bringing David Irving to justice.

Regarding Bp. Williamson, I don't know if it is entirely accurate to say he has been "reinstated". What has happened is that an excommunication, or church discipline has been lifted.

His actual position in the Church will remain vague for quite some time.

As you know his excommunication was lifted as a opening gesture of good faith to which the SSPX is expected to respond by entering into a dialogue which is expected to end with their accepting, in some fashion, the Vatican II documents on religious liberty which their founder, Archb. Lefebvre denounced.

Till then the whole lot of them are still in the wilderness. Only one or two of their sacraments are valid. And regular Catholics are still forbidden to Mass with them. Neither Bp. Williamson nor his followers have been regularized.

By the way do you know any members of the SSPX personally?

I do. They are lovely people and wonderful Catholics. The only problem is that they are nutty as hell. You can't go anywhere near them without hearing one strange thing or another.

The Pope has to bring them in from the cold. He has no choice. For purely religious motives he's not allowed to leave them out there getting crazier and crazier while they are in most other respects functioning Catholics.

As for the clear and obvious anti-Semitism of the SSPX I urge you to take a watch and wait attitude.

If you want to know what I think the Holy Father has in mind regarding these guys I couldn't express it better than to remind you of what Michael Corleone said to Frankie Pentangelli in "GODFATHER II". He said,

"Frankie, my father taught me many things in this room. He taught me to keep my friends close but KEEP MY ENEMIES CLOSER."

Speaking as a Roman Catholic traditionalist I think we need to bring these guys in, real close.

Believe me they are more dangerous "out there" knoodling with Robert Faurisson, than going to confession at Papa Raztinger's.

Mark Milburn
St. Louis, Mo.

Unknown said...

What is so disturbing about the video is that it shows Williamson discussing at length the "facts." What possesses a priest to abandon the study of theology for study this one particular period of history, let alone to have apparently spent so much time learning about gas chambers? Very scary!

Unknown said...

I was educated in the Roman catholic religion, but it becomes increasingly difficult for me to consider myself a catholic, as I am a supporter of democracy, and I am not given any opportunity to elect the pope in free elections.

I agree with one of the preceding comments on the fact that lifting an excommunication is not exactly "reinstating" a bishop. In the catholic church bishops have to be bishops of some city, or in charge of some specific flock of believers (like the Army). I have not heard any name of a city or specific duty Richard Williamson might be in charge of now, or might have been in charge of in the past.

Richard Williamson is no longer excommunicated means... what ? When I was a child I would have believed excommunication meant going automatically to hell after one dies (like picking the "go directly to prison" chance card in the Monopoly card game). Now I believe it might be theologically a little bit more complicated than that, but that's roughly the idea.

He sure considers himself as a bishop. But I am not sure whether the pope (and a majority of catholic believers) consider him as a bishop. Perhaps you should be careful when refering to him as "bishop Williamson" in a title of blog entry. "self-proclaimed bishop" or something like that might be more appropriate.

StGuyFawkes said...

To Dr. Lipstadt and Readers,

Bishop Fellay of the SSPX just published a statement forbidding Bp. Williamson to speak on any matter not connected to "Faith or Morals".

StGuyFawkes said...

To Dr. Lipstadt and Readers,

Bishop Fellay of the SSPX just published a statement forbidding Bp. Williamson to speak on any matter not connected to "Faith or Morals".

Torcello T said...

Bishop Williamson's denial of the Holocaust - (and quite frankly,
who is Bishop Williamson?!?) - only serves to underline the difficulty
of delineating, or defining, that event. If you have a great personal
belief in God, then your opinion of the Holocaust will differ radically
from non-believers: and there is every shade of belief in-between, from a total commitment to God, to none at all. The 'Chosen Race', and the'Selected Race' provides perhaps, the most important modulation in thelangauge of the Twentieth Century. The Jews brought God inside humantime and human history - it has often been said the "the Jews inventedGod". The Nazi ideal, or apotheosis as Aryans, was posited on the idea
of Man as Superman: God and his history inside human time and human
experience would pass away, as the Jews were shown the door to history. Ultimately, I think it matters not with exact numbers - but the fact ofa Fuhrer destined to rise in the new millenial Reich once the God of theJews "had exited history" - once the ovens had burnt every Jewish body -this should never be denied! God, and his position inside human experience
and human traditions, has long been a problem for so many more than the
Nazis. Deconstructing God, by burning his most potent witnesses the Jews,is an act that must - and will - always be treated with the utmostvehemence, and denied at every opportunity available. In spite of allthe Bishop Williamsons!