Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bishop Williamson has been Muzzled

The Society of St. Pius X has forbidden Bishop Williamson from speaking on any historical and political matters.

They must have been read the riot act by the Vatican.

Now how long is it going to be before all his postings disappear from the web?


StGuyFawkes said...

For anyone who can read German there is a Swiss newspaper which reports today that Swiss Bishops are weighing in and swinging hard to punch out the message
that the SSPX Bishops MUST accept ALL the documents of Vatican II, which includes of course NOSTRAE AESTATE or the Treatise on the Jews.

My German is wobbly but I think it's saying that the SSPX bishops are agreeing in concept.

Anyone read GErman?

You can find it at


Guy said...

While they're at it, I suggest that the Catholic Church muzzle those bishops who deny evolution through natural selection since their "society claims no authority at all over historic or other secular questions." Or does biology fall under the category of "questions of Faith and Morals?"

The Smiths said...

"Now how long is it going to be before all his postings disappear from the web?"

I downloaded all of Williamson's letters from the archive. They are currently stored on my laptop's hard drive. I will be glad to share for reference.

hockey hound said...

"Now how long is it going to be before all his postings disappear from the web?"

If his postings remain, then we know the "riot act" was merely a window dressing. As I wrote earlier, and as I believe about the latent, anti-Jewish sentiment within the Catholic Church, "Old habits cast long shadows."

These noetic scoundrels are despicable in that they obfuscate (as did James Carroll, one of the most successful sophists the Catholic Church ever sent into the world) the fact that the unrestrained efficacy of anti-Jewish hatred was intended by the authors of the New Testament. After all, in the last analysis, and in precisely the same manner as the religion of Islam, Christianity is a denigration of Jews and Judaism. Otherwise, without this extirpative function, both Christianity and Islam would have no purpose in the world. Who cannot see this is either delusional or pathologically dishonest. An example of my point is Blaise Pascal's statement from Pensees, "Our religion [Christianity] is so divine that another divine religion [Judaism] has only been the foundation of it."

"It is the customary fate of new truths to begin as heresies and to end as superstitions." -Thomas H. Huxley


Well said, Hockeyhound, above. You are so right. Living in Asia for 20 years, where there is no antisemitic "Church teachings" to denigrate the Jews who did not follow the false messiah who called himself Joshua ben Joseph, teaches one that it is only in the Christian "West" where antisemitism can flourish, and that is exactly what the church's teachings were all about, from the very beginning. The "old" testament shall be replaced by the "new and improved" model, and the world accepts this. I don't. In Asia, the religions here never mentioned the perfidious Jews. And they don't condemn all non-Buddhists or non-Shintoists or non-Hindus or non-Taoists to hell and eternal damnation as our good friends in Rome do. Shame on the Church of Rome. Over 2000 years of this crap. The Dark Ages are still alive in Vatican City, sad to say. Come to Asia, HockeyHound, there is no religious prejudice here, just lots of silly superstitions but harmless and I rather enjoy them.

Unknown said...

A group of French catholic intellectuals including former president of the European commission Jacques Delors, or the philosopher René Girard, or priest Claude Geffré, a former theology professor at the Institut Catholique (the catholic university in Paris) are signing a petition called "no negationists in the Church", asking the pope to "clearly condemn" Williamson.


Text of the petition and list of signatories :


Unknown said...

Dan, please stop idealizing Asia. Anti-muslim pogroms have taken place in India in this century : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002_Gujarat_violence

Also, in China, in the last years of the brilliant Tang dynasty in the 9th century, Buddhists were persecuted by Confucianists and buddhist scriptures were burnt.

In China, in 1900, the Boxer rebellion was a religious war against Christians : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxer_Rebellion

And haven't you heard about anti-christian attacks in Indonesia in recent years ?

Haven't you heard about the "abolish Buddhism and destroy Shakyamuni" (Haibutsu kishaku) movement in late XIXth century Japan ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haibutsu_kishaku

hockey hound said...

Ludovic, his post reads evidential that Dan was talking about the last twenty years. He wasn't talking about ancient Chinese history.

Are you aware of anti-Christian/anti-Buddist pogroms in Asia committed by (you guessed it) Muslims? I challenge you to collocate the number of anti-Christian/anti-Bhuddist riots committed by Muslim "youths" with anti-Muslim riots committted by Christian and Bhuddists. You make it sound as though the Muslims are being trampled. This is definitely not the case in the Asia-Pacific world, and especially not in Indonesia. In my opinion, the opposite is true.

But we must stick to the subject of Bishop Williamson and his pope (formerly a Hitler Youth) and their New Testament/Catholic-incited anti-Jewish hatred.

Please forgive our rabbit-trails, Prof. Lipstadt.