Monday, March 31, 2008

Hamas Leader: Holocaust is Exaggerated

In one of those slippery expressions about the Holocaust which are increasingly common among "soft core" denier Hammas leader, Khaled Meshaal, said in an interview on Sky TV that the numbers were embellished to justify the existence and actions of Israel. JTA quotes him as saying:

"We don't deny the Holocaust, but we believe the Holocaust was exaggerated by the Zionist movement to use as a whip."

"We don't deny the fact but we don't accept two issues. We don't accept the exaggeration of numbers and we don't accept that Israel uses this to do what it wants."

It's more dangerous than the hard core denial [e.g. the Holocaust never happened] because many people don't see it as denial but as "simply" a debate over the death toll which could be -- but in this case is not -- a legitimate historical debate over the death toll.

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ie481 said...

Not sure where in your website this could go, but, I've noticed articles discussing the fact that some European countries have active legislation that PREVENTS the extradition of Nazi criminals. One of those countries is Greece. Here is a link to an article discussing this issue and the failed steps of the Jewish community to counteract such legislation. Greeks, with their laws, are prohibiting the trials of Nazis. Enough said.