Monday, March 17, 2008

Another Shining Example of an Irving Supporter

Though I usually dump these idiotic emails, this one was so over the top in idiocy that I could not keep from posting it:

Giving your point of view versus David Irving, while he is in prison and you are free is hardly a fair and open debate.

You are free and welcomed to give your point of view.

David Irving is silenced and imprisoned for giving a different point of view.

Do you understand that this makes YOU look bad?

You look like you are afraid of David Irving and need to imprison him as the only way to win an historical argument.

If you are right and David Irving is wrong then show such by weight of evidence. The fact that you are free and David Irving is imprisoned just shows what a corrupt society we live in.

I am not convinced that you are telling the truth. That you claim to win court cases against David Irving says nothing, for it is established that the court system is opposed to him.

Show my historical evidence why you are right - if you can't then shut the fuck up.

Put up of shut up with actual historical evidence.
This guy seems not to know:
1. Irving has been out of jail for over a year
2. That I proved my case in court
3. That the historical evidence was on my side
4. How dense he [the email sender] is....


Epaminondas said...

Have you ever asked what would constitute 'evidence' to such people?

Maybe a time machine? Nah.
Logs of the US Army in May 45?
Weighing and DNA typing of ashes?

Maybe we can establish an objective standard of what it takes to demolish the inner bigoted compulsions of sick humans.

DemoCaster said...

Your birthday is considered a legal holiday here at Democracy Broadcasting /! It's no coincidence that it coincides with the week of Purim. Courage and strength to you to continue fighting the good fight on behalf of humanity.

Benji Lovitt said...

There are some real morons out there...

Deborah Lipstadt said...

Could not have put it better myself.


I'm asking the original writer of this email to go to a library and borrow 3 books, one on the Holocaust, one on the 'Aftermath of Hitlers War in Germany,'and borrow another book on basic law.

The questions he needs to address is why we have laws, why the Courts seek to control unlawful behaviour that could cause a breach of the peace or worse, and how he personally would protect human life [and his own life] in a country unfortuanate enough to appoint a madman like Hitler as head of state.

To help him get started on his quest for informed knowedge would he inform me; if I come can to his home and steal his car, rape his wife or sister, shoot his mother and put him and his father in a detention camp for refusing to allow me to do this. I will have his neighbours help me and anything they steal from him they can keep. As for his children then they have no rights whatsoever to life and I will either shoot them on the spot, or starve them to death.

Whether he likes it or not I will then deny I did this and 'fools and interlopers' like David Irving and his ilk, will spring to my defence and claim it never happened, that I was not there, and the money and goods he possessed had been obtained by fraud, deceit and misconduct' - so I was simply writing a great wrong. In this debate we are not discussing historical issues, but whether its fair, whether its good policy, right or wrong, and whether we can do to him what Hitler and Himmler did to others. I'm sure he will agree and not get upset or angey at seeing his car being stolen and his house being given to others, or burnt down.

Unknown said...

Maybe you should start a Crackpot of the Week Award. You probably get plenty of candidates....

Deborah Lipstadt said...

Crackpot of the Week... I actually could do a Crackpot of the Day!!

But what would the award consist of??? A flat earth globe? A replica of a moon landing site in Nevada?

MarkH said...

I think this guy has been haunting my blog (and the scienceblogs in general). Were the letters CMF involved in his name/email?

My guy is a real crank and he sounds just like this. I explained multiple times in multiple venues that he had all the facts backwards, at which point in true crank fashion he just jumps to the next craziness and ups the volume. It's an illness.

Deborah Lipstadt said...

I don't recall CMF in his name or email address. [I dumped his email after I posted it. I get too many of these things to save them.]

It's possible it's the same guy on the other hand idiocy has certain shared traits... or, to use your categorization of it as an illness, shared symptoms.


This point point about idiocy, cranks and eccentric behaviour and odd emails, could be expanded into a seriouis non fiction book which attempts to explain anti-semitic behaviour. I once worked in several large NHS UK Mental Hospitals as an Engineering Contractor, they are fascinating people to observe and talk to [the patients that is, not the Doctors] If we can agree that 1 in 10 people are mad to some degree, and maybe 1 in 1000 are dangerous, then this nonstop talk on the interent about conspiracies, and people who are out to rule to world, and secret Councils and doomsday machines all makes sense. Being logical about it [if thats possible] then Hitler was the worlds foremost crackpot. Just look at your typical hooded KKK member - surely thats strange bahaviour from grown men?

ie481 said...

Unfortunately there's many more idiots out there sharing that attitude: not only uninformed (Irving's being out of jail) but inane and sentimental (poor guy, he's in prison and can't voice his views; yes,that's right, it was his "views" and actions that got him into jail in the first place).