Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Details on Fred Leuchter and why he should not be trusted with anything... especially lethal injections

[January 9th: Check out the previous post to see Leuchter and his electric chair. ]

Some people have asked for more background on Leuchter. Here are some sources:

1. From www.hdot.org, the website on my trial, take a look at http://www.hdot.org/learning/myth-fact/leuchter//body/1037?keyword=Leuchter

2. For how the Leuchter material played out in court, take a look at History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier.

3. You might also want to see what the judge had to say about Leuchter.

4. In Denying the Holocaust [p. 172], I cited the following information about Leuchter:

According to an affidavit by Dr. Edward A. Brunner, chair of the Department of Anesthesia at Northwestern University Medical School, "Leuchter's lethal injection system caused excruciating pain but rendered victims incapable of screaming to communicate their distress."

5. Of course there is both Robert Jan van Pelt's, The Case for Auschwitz, a majesterial work, which is essentially his report for my trial [you can also find it at hdot.org ] and Shelly Shapiro's small but classic work, Truth Prevails, which was the first work to address the multiple flaws, misstatement of facts, and other inventions in the "Leuchter Report."

6. And finally there is Erroll Morris' Mr. Death.


Marc said...

A quick thank you for not letting us forget that these death-freaks (deniers) live among us and to what vile--if almost incomprehensible--ends they will go to "disprove" the Shoah. Everything they are involved in is pure treyf, as your records show.


Deborah: FROM FAIRPLAY: BOB WILSON LEEDS UK: 670 Scotthall Road, Leeds, LS17 5PB. 44 113 2288123

This very suspicious Email arrived today, my email address is virtually unknown, even so I do get a lot of Nigerian Scamspam. What do you think?. Best Regards: Bob
Last week, a young lady in Israel created a YouTube video about my
German grandfather, Friedrich Kellner, who was a justice inspector
during the time of the Third Reich. As a Social Democrat, Friedrich
Kellner campaigned against the Nazis in the 1920's and 30's. During the
war, he kept a diary to record Nazi crimes. His diary will be on exhibit
at the Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library in May, and in November it
will be at the United Nations.

The Israeli girl did a wonderful job creating the video, and it is
getting a lot of praise, yet it is also attracting some neo-Nazi types
and Holocaust deniers. Not too many, thank goodness. I am hoping that
you, and perhaps some of your friends, would take a few minutes to view
the video. The increased number of views will help to keep the hostile
views in perspective, to dilute the percentage of such views. At
present, about 1,100 people have looked at the video.
This is the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kJLE9zvo44

You will also find at this site links to more information about the
Kellner diary, particularly the articles on Wikipedia. The most dramatic
story about my courageous grandfather is at Jewish World Review, a
reprint of an article that appeared in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

Please do accept my apology if I am intruding in any way. I realize that
this is kind of like “spamming,” and I feel quite awkward doing it. I
know you will find the video interesting and also very relevant to our
own time, incredibly so.
Thank you,
Dr. Robert Scott Kellner, College Station, Texas
(You will also see a photo of me on the video, as the translator of my
grandfather’s work. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any
additional information.)

hockey hound said...

"Whether it was a setup by the Israeli Mossad, as a Jewish friend of mine suspects, or was truly a retaliation by the Islamic fundamentalists, matters little."

This one statement alone should preclude Ron Paul (in a perfect world) from ever running for office. He reminds me of Pat Buchannan.

People fail to realize that when air-heads like Ron Paul suggest the USA should cease sending financial aid to Israel, such statements are not merely stratagems they've devised for the sake of consolidating America's economic strength (ditto in regards to Ron Paul's disjointed reference to "mostly black welfare recipients"). Such "solutions" are actually shamelessly veiled calumniation of all Jews, Judaism, and the State of Israel; such brazen and insensate statements expose Ron Paul as no more remarkable than anti-Jewish megalomaniacs like Fred Leuchter and David Irving. I'm reminded, Prof. Lipstadt, in regards to the brazeness of these hateful types, of your recounting in History On Trial of David Irving addressing Judge Gray as "mein Fuhrer".

What is truly scary is that for every Ron Paul or David Irving or Fred Leuchter exposed, there are hundreds, if not thousands, lying in wait.

"Old hate never wearies."

Robert Scott Kellner said...

I am not certain why "Fairplay" (Bob Wilson) would wonder about the email I sent to him, regarding the YouTube video about the Friedrich Kellner diary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kJLE9zvo44
Besides providing that link, I provided links to other sites which explain what my German grandfather did during WWII. He campaigned against the Nazi Party, and then he kept a secret diary to record Nazi crimes. His diary has been on display at the George Bush Presidential Library, and it will soon be on display at the Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library. My grandfather represented in Germany what we are seeking in the Muslim world: a moderate who would dare challenge the extremists among them. I do hope everyone has an opportunity to view the YouTube video, which also has links to the Wikipedia articles about Friedrich Kellner. This website has many other links: http://www.geocities.com/chippen0/index.html
Thank you,
Dr. Robert Scott Kellner