Saturday, January 12, 2008

David Irving talk in Liverpool: One newspaper gets it right.... and one wrong

A talk Irving was scheduled to give in Liverpool, England was recently cancelled when the hotel discovered that Irving was one of the speakers. It was scheduled to coincide with the European Holocaust Memorial Day which is on January 27th.

What interest me is not the cancellation but how two different Liverpool newspapers covered the news. The Liverpool Echo article read:
Talk by jailed historian David Irving axed

In contrast, the Liverpool Daily Post's headline read:
Holocaust denier Irving ‘targeted’ Liverpool

[Thanks to Sara Salzman for catching this contrast in headlines.]


Hume's Ghost said...

The Liverpool Echo seems to have taken a "fair and balanced" approach. The first sentence of the article was worse than the headline, imo.

Ian Thal said...

The Liverpool Echo article has been moved .

Tonja Fleischer said...

Unfortunatly I cannot access the Liverpool Echo to compare to Liverpools Daily Post article. It really doesn't matter anyway, because the man literally sliced his own throat when he denied he was a Holocaust denier in Austria Courts.
I remember when a few years back he wanted to debate Dr. Lipstadt about the Holocaust and she declined. What was even more abhoring was not that he wanted to debate her, but that the reporter didn't understand why the doctor wouldn't approve of it. He apperently couldn't understand that there wasn't anything to debate about, it happened end of story.

Ian Thal said...

Try this link:

Dezidor said...

Both links in this article are broken.