Friday, May 18, 2007

Holocaust Denier Robert Faurisson invited and then disinvited to Italian university

It's hard to believe but Robert Faurisson, an unabashed Holocaust denier who has been convicted five times in France for denying crimes against humanity, was invited to lecture at the University of Teramo.

He was scheduled to speak today but the university, claiming security fears, closed down for the day.

The picture comes from the Iranian Holocaust denial conference [note the so-called rabbis behind them]. The woman is Lady Renouf, whom my defense team dubbed Brunhilda during the trial. [For more on her see my book History on Trial,pp. 128, 178, 294, 296-97]

What I find most mind-boggling is that Faurisson was invited to give a lecture at the university by Claudio Moffa, a professor of Asian and African history and director of a master's program in Middle East studies.

That's the frightening aspect. I have no idea of Moffa's views on the Middle East. But if he chose to extend an invitation to someone such a Faurisson, an avowed denier, Moffa's academic credentials are certainly called into question.

[I spent a day with Faurisson in Vichy when I was doing research for Denying the Holocaust. I found him to be a vile human being.]

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