Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another defeat for Holocaust denier, Robert Faurisson

Holocaust deniers like David Irving and Robert Faurisson just don't seem to get it: courts [at least in democratic countries] are not going to be beguiled by their false evidence and pseudo-scientific claims.

They are so filled with hubris that they don't seem to ever learn.

According to an AFP report a Paris court rejected French Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson's attempt to sue former French Minister of Justice Robert Badinter for defamation after the latter accused him of falsifying history.

Badinter had brought a case against Faurisson in 1981 for having declared that "Hitler never ordered for anyone to be killed because of their race or religion".

Proving that he has not backed down from his denial views, at the recent hearing in the French court, Faurisson maintained that the "alleged Hitlerian gas chambers and the alleged genocide of Jews are part of the same historical lie".

For a visual of Faurisson, Lady Renoulf [aka Brunhilda] who was David Irving's constant companion during my trial, and the so-called Neturei Karta rabbis at the Iranian Holocaust denial confab see my previous post.

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