Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Thoughts on the Conference in Iran

I have been asked by journalists and regular folk about the conference in Iran. I am sure it will include the regular cast of characters [Zundel, Irving, Rudolf (who goes by many names), leading deniers from the Arab/Muslim world] etc.

They will, I am sure, raise many of the tried and false arguments about the Holocaust, many of which we demolished in my trial, but that won't stop them.

This will be the biggest thing in the world of Holocaust deniers and other liars. It will give them a stage unlike anything they have had since the trial.

There will be lots of press there because of how this is linked with Iran's rantings about destroying Israel and with its latest very dangerous maneuvers on nuclear energy/ weapons.

Serious thought has to be given how to address this. I only hope the press is well prepared to hear these arguments and to figure out why they are all false. It's a big hope....

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Dave said...

The only good thing about this conference is that the deniers will be skewered alive by political cartoonists.