Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Der Spiegel: The Price Lipstadt is paying for calling for Irving's release

Der Spiegel observes that I have paid a "price" for articulating my belief that the Austrians should let him go when he comes to trial in February.

Germany's right-wing, extremist National-Zeitung has quoted me in an article titled "Worldwide Protests against Irving's Arrest."

They have skewered me before. That's not surprising. But to see them citing me as an authoritative voice is quite mind-boggling.

What the National Zeitung, not surprisingly, chooses to ignore is that I have not protested Irving's arrest. After all, he broke the law. I just don't think that the Austrians gain anything by keeping him in jail any longer.

Der Spiegel also notes that prior to leaving for Austria Irving signed 60 blank checks and packed 8 shirts, even though his trip was only scheduled to last two days. This would seem to indicate that Irving was expecting -- and some have said hoping -- to get arrested.

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Dave said...

Packs his shirts and signs off 60 checks.

I'll bet that he called the cops and gave them his itinerary, too.

This whole thing is a sham, a means by Irving to get attention he does not deserve. Just another one of his clown shows.

What's depressing is that he has fans and supporters.