Sunday, January 22, 2006

Scotland's Sunday Herald: David Irving threatened lawsuits to keep jounralists quiet

Today's Scotland Sunday Herald has a short vignette about an encounter between the late Chaim Bermant, a dignified British journalist and writer who happened to be Jewish, and David Irving. Bermant’s article never ran because Irving threatened to sue the paper for libel if it did.

The Herald suggests that this was Irving’s s.o.p. [standard operating procedure]. Threaten a lible suit whenever someone seems poised to write something critical about you.

It was one of the reasons why I knew I could not ignore David Irving's libel threat, though some people adised me to do so.

People, whose modus operandi is to frighten people by threatening them, have to be shown that they cannot use threats to achieve their goals.

Irving strikes me as a bully. Bullies succeed when others let them get away with what their bullying.

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