Friday, January 27, 2006

A revealing and revolting video attack

While I am generally reluctant to send people to antisemitic sites [why increase the traffic to these purveyors of hate?], I was recently alerted to a video from David Irving's Real History conference in which Michael Hoffman II, someone well known to those who are aware of the cohort of racists, antisemites, and deniers, engages in a virulent attack on me.

On the video, Deborah Lipstadt, "Amalek" and David Irving, Michael A. Hoffman II claims that "Deborah Lipstadt and her clique" were calling for the murder of Irving. I have made him and all other deniers "subject to assassination."

Rather hysterically [amusingly] he quotes an article written by Rela Mintz Geffen and immediately connects her with David Geffen [the Hollywood mogul] and suggests this connection must be "investigated." [Rela probably wishes it was true.]

He accuses Rela, Gary Rosenblatt [editor of the New York Jewish Week], the reporters at the Jerusalem Post and me as engaging in a "murderous polemic," "homicidal rage," and calling for the assassination of David Irving.

In true conspiracy theory, he refers to editorial decisions by "higher ups" and "the party line," adhered to by all Jewish organizations. He claims that the reason I won was because one of the "most powerful governments in the world, Israel," intervened on my behalf.

In short he argues that I have assassination in store for David Irving and have started a "Zionist assassination chic," which calls for the assassination of Palestinians.

I guess if someone asked why -- if I wanted to kill Irving -- I was calling for his release from jail, Hoffman might say: because I can't get at him when he is in jail.

It is dripping with hatred but, if you want to see what these people are like, it's worth watching.

Just be forewarned: you need a strong stomach.

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Dave said...

I've noticed that Mr. Irving is forever dropping hints and warnings that he fears assassination, whther by Mossad agent or Israeli helicopter gunship.

It's more of the impertinence, paranoia, and arrogance of the man...that he believes he is so important to the world that major nations have to expend money, people, and time to have him whacked. If such was the case, he would probably have been killed long ago.

It's astounding how many of these people who claim the world is trying to destroy them live into ripe old ages, without any harm befalling them...that is not of their own creation.