Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lawyer claims Irving has 'changed some of his famous views'

As Richard Evans noted in Lying About Hitler (p. 234), shortly after the trial, Irving was interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on BBC2 TV's Newsnight. When Paxman asked Irving, "Will you stop denying the Holocaust on the basis of this judgment?" Irving baldly replied, "Good Lord, no."

However, reported today:

Irving acknowledges gas chambers

A lawyer for British historian David Irving said on the eve of a court hearing that Irving admitted past statements could be interpreted as denying the existence of Nazi gas chambers - but now acknowledges they existed.

Prosecutors charged Irving earlier this week under an Austrian law that makes denying the Holocaust a crime.


Irving has changed his views on gas chambers in recent years, his attorney, Elmar Kresbach said.

"He changed some of the views he is so famous for," Kresbach said.


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