Sunday, November 27, 2005

Irving "recants": a prediction

To those of you who have been asking me why he recanted, my guess is that he will plead guilty, claim he is no longer a denier, and tell the court that he has "seen the light." I would not be surprised if he then left Austria, returned to London, and claimed that the only reason he "recanted" was to avoid ending up in an Austrian jail.

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Dave said...

I'll bet that 30 seconds after Irving steps of the British Airways plane at Heathrow, he'll be telling the assembled media that Auschwitz was a lie, the Holocaust never happened, the Austrian court was a farce, and pick up right where he left off, his wallet fattened by "free-speech supporters."

It's a conspiracy theory, I know, but this is not a grandiose's just one guy knowing to manipulate the system, not a shadowy cabal covering up UFOs or some other idiocy.