Wednesday, April 13, 2005

CSpan Wipes Out History [The Saga Continues]

This matter has gotten completely bizarre. After the strange events of yesterday [see previous post], we, i.e. Hilary, decided to go back to the BookTV schedule page, to get a screen capture of their April 3 programming and we discovered that the 4:30 p.m. TimeSlot for Apr. 3 has now vanished, and the "content" of the program page has changed - again. This now reads:
After Words
A Weekly Look at Selected Book TV Programs
No program has been scheduled for this category at this time.

When I wrote yesterday that CSpan had left the content of the program page blank, I described them as having pulled an "Irving, making something that happened disappear." A friend of mine felt I had pushed the boundaries at bit too far by saying that. Now that CSpan has done this, I don't feel that way anymore. After all, there was a program, a pretty shoddy one featuring someone who had not read the book in question, but a program nonetheless.

What is particularly strange is that CSpan could have pointed to the awful program that they did on April 3rd as evidence that they tried to do the "right" thing and that I was the culprit by closing my lectures to them. Now they have obliterated that possibility.

This is the strangest thing I have ever seen [and I was on trial for 3 months for libel in a court where they wore wigs and gowns for calling a Holocaust denier a denier].

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