Friday, April 8, 2005

The American Thinker on CSpan

The American Thinker on CSpan.

C-Span's spin

Yes, of course the media have a need to present all sides of an issue--provided the presenters are all responsible. A serious geography discussion would not offer a forum to a member of the Flat Earth Society; an important panel of economic experts would not include an alchemist revealing his formula for turning dross into gold.

But C-Span, that normally sober and responsible media outlet, recently did the equivalent of the above, carrying fair and balanced to new depths of fair and unbalanced. Historian Deborah Lipstadt wrote a book about her trial and vindication against a racist and Holocaust denier in England. Somehow, C-Span decided this individual had to appear with Ms. Lipstadt if they were to fairly interview her about her book. She rightly declined to be interviewed with her tormenter.

So C-Span interviewed the racist alchemist instead!

The protests to C-Span were many.

Herewith, Ms. Lipstadt tries to restore some balance.

C-Span? What happened?

Ethel C. Fenig 4 7 05

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