Monday, April 11, 2005

Classical Music aficionados comment on C-SPAN coverage

[Note to readers: For some reason the content on the BookTV program page is currently blank - except for the date and time of the program, although the RealAudio recording of the April 3 broadcast is still available (but not via the BookTV program page).]

One of the members of the Classical Music Guide Forums' "Corner Pub" viewed the program and posted her impressions on Friday:

Lipstadt/Irving Trial & Book-TV

I watched Book-TV's in-house special on what happened in the recent kerfuffle about Deborah Lipstadt's libel trial. It was very interesting to finally see the contendas and put faces to names. They had Connie Diebele standing for C-SPAN and T.R. Reid of the WashPost, who covered the trial in its tedious totality, talk about the trial. They ran clips of Lipstadt's previous appearances in which she discussed the phenomenon of holocaust denial and a couple clips of Irving talking about the trial.

Reid's judgment was that the only audience for Irving was right-wing nut cases. The C-SPAN clips of him were speaking in some restaurant in the south. It wasn't as good as the real thing, but I understand there's a transcript of the trial somewhere on the web. Lite bedtime reading, no doubt.

In a later post in the thread, the same member observed:
Very interesting about Irving's control of the docs. Reid did mention that as Irving's one saving grace, that he was very good at documentation. His description of Irving acting as his own attorney was comical, like something out of Gilbert and Sullivan.

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